The 2nd International Exhibition of Inventions of Thailand 2020

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The 2nd International Exhibition
of Inventions of Thailand 2020

November 20, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Thailand is open to inventors, companies, firms, promoters, associations, universities, private and state organizations, showing inventions already protected by intellectual property rights.

Inventions may be presented in the form of pre-series or commercial samples, already manufactured articles, prototypes, models, plans, drawings, photos, and texts.

In the Official Catalogue, the inventions will be published in one of the following classes and the Committee alone shall decide in which classes they shall be placed.

  • Class A Mechanics – Engines – Machinery – Tools -Industrial processes – Metallurgy
  • Class B Watchmaking – Jewellery- Machinery – Tools
  • Class C Computer sciences – Software – Electronics – Electricity Methods of communication
  • Class D Building – Architecture – Civil Engineering – Construction – Materials – Woodwork
  • Class E Sanitation – Ventilation – Heating
  • Class F Security – Rescue – Alarm
  • Class G Ironmongery – Do-It-Yourself
  • Class H Furnishing – Interior architecture
  • Class I Domestic science – Restaurant equipment
  • Class J Commercial, industrial and office equipment
  • Class K Agriculture – Horticulture – Gardening
  • Class L Clothing – Textiles – Machines and accessories
  • Class M Medicine – Surgery – Orthopaedics – Material for disabled
  • Class N Optics – Photography – Cinematography – Eyewear
  • Class O Teaching methods and materials – Musical instruments – Art materials
  • Class P Transport – Motor vehicles – Ships -Aviation – Accessories
  • Class Q Foodstuffs – Drinks – Cosmetics – Paramedical -Health – Hygiene
  • Class R Sport – Leisure
  • Class S Practical novelties – Presents
  • Class T Publicity – Printing – Packaging
  • Class U Games – Toys
  • Class V Protection of the environment – Energy

The inventions exhibited will be grouped by country. Exhibitors must indicate on the entry form the kind of stand they will need. Stands will be sited by the Committee.

Exhibitors must complete A SEPARATE ENTRY FORM FOR EACH INVENTION WHICH THEY WISH TO EXHIBIT. Not more than one invention may be included on each form. Entry forms, duly completed and signed, should be sent as soon as possible and before the deadline to the Secretariat.

Once the Entry Form has been accepted and registration confirmed by the Committee to the exhibitor, the exhibitor is obliged to pay the total amount of his/her invoice within the delay indicated. Exhibitors who cancel their participation before the last registration date must pay 50% of their invoice. Exhibitors who cancel their participation after the last registration date must pay the whole amount of their invoice.

The Committee accepts no responsibility for any errors in the translation or wording of descriptions and advertisements published in the Official Catalogue.

By his formal application to participate in the Exhibition, each exhibitor undertakes to ensure delivery of his invention at the time stated in the instructions he receives and to allow it to remain on display during the whole Exhibition. Any exhibitor withdrawing his invention before closure shall render himself liable to pay damages and shall forfeit any award made to him. The Committee of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Thailand.